Tracking devices for car in Vietnam

If you are a foreigner living and working in Vietnam. You are looking for Tracking Devices for Car in Vietnam to track your vehicle. You want to track your driver, or you want to track someone . We will advise you the best product.

What kind of vehicle tracking device?

There are many types of vehicle trackers on the market, ranging from a few hundred thousand to several million. To buy a good product, to ensure the purpose of use, you should find out or contact us. for advice when purchasing Vehicle Tracking Devices.

Products We have the following types:1. Tracking device for micro mini car: For customers who need to track secret individuals, such as relatives, employees, … Model Wetrack lite with the size of a lighter is A great option to match the seal. Wetrack lite, also known as the mini A1 product, is super compact, fits in the car, through the phone app you can track the location of the car without the driver knowing.
– Features: Locate, address, street name, stop time, turn off or turn on the engine, review the history of the vehicle journey has been saved for 6 months.
– Suitable for all vehicles.
– Cheap motorcycle locator with package price of only 1,250,000 VND (Including sim). 2-year warranty 1 to 1 exchange.
– View product specifications at <Here>

general tracking devices for car with GT06N sounding: also known as locating with eavesdropping, in addition to the positioning function, you can hear the sound from around the motorcycle remotely attached to you, the radius of listening 5 -8m. Indeed a useful personal tracking solution when locating for a motorcycle or car.
– Features: Locate location, address, street name, time to stop, turn off or turn on the phone, listen to sounds from afar, review the history of the vehicle journey that has been saved for 6 months.
– Suitable for all types of motorcycles HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, VESPA, … Cars, mounted electric bicycles
tracking devices for vehicles Model GT06N package price only 1,800,000 VND (Including sim). 2-year warranty for 1 exchange.
– View product specifications at <Here>

Function Of Positioning Device
»Locate vehicles 24/24
»Report the address of house number, street name, caffe, restaurant, hotel
»Report status of stop or move
»Report stopping time
»Review the journey history
»Report the total KM of the day
»Report shutdown or engine start
»Audio monitoring if available
Technical Specifications Of The Device
»Compact equipment against water, fire and impact.
»Safe, high security. Cannot be decoded and interfered
»Super energy saving, no battery drain
»Do not affect the structure, electrical systems on vehicles.
»Motorcycle locator integrates many utility features
Instructions for use and operation
⇒ You can try the software by the following: From your other phone to your Android phone on CHplay, on Iphone You go to Appstore Download T-Track pro program to your device. Then open the program you just downloaded and fill out the information as shown in the picture.

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