GPS tracker for cars in VietNam

You are a foreigner ? Living and working in Vietnam ? You are looking for GPS tracker for cars in VietNam ? You want to track someone by GPS navigation device . Don’t worry we will help you with something you can’t

GPS tracker for cars or motorcycles

Function of Positioning Device GPS tracker for cars in VietNam
»Locate vehicles 24/24
»Report address of house number, street name, cafe, restaurant, hotel
»Report status stop or move
»Report stop time
»Review the itinerary history
»Report total KM of the day
»Report shutdown or turn on engine
»Audio monitoring if available
Technical Features of Equipment
»Compact device against water, fire and impact.
»Safe, high security. Can not be decoded and intervened
»Super energy saving, no battery car battery consumption
»Does not affect the structure, electrical system on the vehicle.
»Motorcycle locator integrates many utility features
Instructions for use and operation
⇒ You can try the software by the following way: From another phone of your phone to your Android phone, go to CHplay, on Iphone You go to Appstore Download the T-Track pro program to your phone. Then open the program you just downloaded and fill in the information as shown in the picture.
How to locate android phone
positioning software

»Drive number 1 you type:
»Box 2, type: DEMO
»Box 3, type: 123456 and click login
Or from the computer you can login by accessing directly from the following website address:

How to install and choose the installation location in the vehicle
Bao Viet GPS will choose to install the positions in the most difficult, most secretly detected vehicle, the driver of the vehicle to detect, and reinforce the kidneys, not to make sounds or light, completely secret
Installation time
Installation time depends on each type of vehicle, averaging from 15 minutes – 40 minutes.
Installation process
Agree on price, product => Time and location appointment => Install installation => Installation manual.

Hotline GPS tracker for cars or motorcycles : 0903108661