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You are a foreigner living in Vietnam. You are looking for “Gps motorbike vietnam” to mount for your own motorbike or a loved one. Where do you want to track the motorcycle’s route to? where? .. Our products are compact, secretly installed, you can track by Smartphone or computer

Gps motorbike vietnam – Bao Viet GPS

Instructions for use and operation
⇒ You can try the software by the following ways: From your phone to your Android phone, go to CHplay, on your Iphone Go to the Appstore Download the program T-Track pro to your device. Then open the program you just downloaded and fill in the information as shown in the picture.

phần mềm định vị

»Drive number 1 you type:
»Box 2 you type: DEMOBV
»Box 3 you type: 123456 and click login
Or from your computer, you can log in by accessing directly from the following website address:

định vị trên điện thoại

định vị điện thoại

Installation and installation position in the vehicle
Bao Viet GPS will choose to install the locations in the vehicle that are the most difficult to detect, the most secretive, the driver of the media will detect and reinforce carefully, no sound or light, completely secret.
Set up time
The installation time is optional for each vehicle type, from 15 minutes to 40 minutes on average.
Installer Rules
Agree on price, product => Time, place => Conduct installation => Install manual.

Technology Contact Bao Viet

Hotline: 0903108661
(Zalo,Viber) 0923652365